With an experienced staff of 50 and the latest fabrication line of equipment we are ready to serve our clients. In the last three years we have purchased the following automated pieces of equipment.

Ocean Avenger Drill Line

The Avenger drill line is extremely efficient is processing beams and channels.  The line is 60’ long and 11’ wide.  The drill line eliminates the layout and is extremely accurate using the CNC Controller.











Angle & Flat Bar Line

The angle line will punch and shear angle up to 6” x 6” x ½”.  The flat bar remains the same at 6” x ½”.  The CNC interface gives the operator the status of each part or operation changes in real-time.



Messer Metal Master

The Messer plasma HyDefinition cuts fine-feature parts with superior quality and consistency eliminating cost of secondary operations.  This table has a cutting area of 8’ x 20’ with CNC controls.




The other equipment purchased and not shown are the Pangborn Steel Shotblast Machine, Ocean Terminator Band Saw, and the 120 Ton Piranha Ironworker.  All of these machines are housed in our 75,000 square foot facility.  With the addition of this automated equipment.  FWM Mechanical is capable of meeting our clients’ needs in a safe, quality, and productive environment with a competitive price.

Inside Bays

In addition to the automated equipment we have:
5 - Bridge Cranes
15 - Jib Cranes
2 - Bays for Inside Painting



FWM Mechanical uses the conventional and airless paint equipment.  We are experienced in all types of epoxy and multi-coat systems.


Address Info

PO. Box 640
1200 Davenport Drive
Minden, LA. 71055

Contact details
Phone: 318-371-2225
Fax: 318-371-2226
Email: sales@fwmmech.com

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